Why choose an African-American Licensed Therapist?

Hello, I’m Vernon (he/him). I am an African-American licensed psychologist, accepting new clients. I was and continue to be motivated primarily to assist members of my community to access high-quality mental health care. My academic training, as well as my personal experiences provide a foundation for understanding the issues facing our community and the toll it takes on our mental well-being. Working together, we also can identify the personal, social, and cultural resources that can allow you to more effectively achieve your goals in therapy. My goal is to help you confront, rather than avoid, your personal and professional challenges through a collaborative and evolving process.

What does therapy with a Black Male therapist entail?

I employ various approaches to help clients enhance mood; understand and utilize emotions healthily; and clarify, track, and achieve personal goals. Ultimately, I aim to help clients find ways to increase contentment and enhance wellbeing, strength, resilience, and the capacity for love.

Who benefits from my services?

My clients, who range from adolescents to adults, individuals, couples, often benefit from exploring insights and coping strategies offered through therapy to help navigate the difficulties of life during these times of high stress..

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